On April 9th, 2018

Dynamic Stretching When & Why.

Dynamic Stretching is much more effective than static stretching when it comes to preparing for a training session and should be a big part of any warm up.

Dynamic Stretching involves working a joint or series of joints through a full range of motion, while simultaneously actively lengthening the muscles and preparing the muscles for the more intense exercise to follow.

Dynamic stretching can be anything from lunging, twisting, squatting, reaching pushing and pulling. As long as it at an appropriate intensity and uses the areas of the body that are to be used in the workout.

Another advantages of dynamic stretching include:

  • They keep constant movement, keeping the body warm while static cause a drop in temperature.
  • They prepare the body muscles and joints in a more specific manner for what is to come in the workout.
  • It helps develop the motor and nervous system since dynamic stretches do more to develop those areas than static stretching.

If you are interested in learning more about how to warm up in a dynamic way, contact me I am happy to help.


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