On March 28th, 2018

Exercise Order & Why its Important.

Although it is fairly obvious if you have training experience, studies that analyse the effects of exercise order on training performance show that volume (total reps performed) is greater when an exercise is placed at the beginning of a training session.

Since compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups and provide the greatest overload, they should generally be prioritised over isolation exercises and performed at the beginning of your training session to get the best results.

For example

  • Exercise 1 - Back Squats (Compound)
  • Exercise 2 - Barbell Hip Bridges (Compound)
  • Exercise 3 - Leg Extensions (Isolation)
  • Exercise 4 - Leg Curls (Isolation)

That said, if you consider an isolation exercise important for meeting your individual training needs (like bringing up a lagging body part), performing this exercise before your compound lifts can be useful.

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