On March 4th, 2018

Weight Lifting Shoes

Why buy weight lifting shoes and how do they help?

The raised heel of the weightlifting shoe allows you to squat deeper & keep a more upright trunk when you lift by increasing your ankles range of motion, this is great if you have trouble dorisflexing your ankle (pointing your toes to the sky). They also provide a very stable surface for your feet to lift from. Both these points are very important if you are performing front squats, overhead squats or any of the Olympic lifts.

Weightlifting shoes are a great investment for any athlete, regardless of experience level. They have been shown to enhance squat technique, boost performance and reduce harmful joint stresses. 

You don’t have to be an Olympic weightlifter or CrossFit athlete to own a pair of weightlifting shoes. If you have any desire to squat heavy weight, these shoes are the way to go and well worth the investment.

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