On February 14th, 2018

A Gym Buddy to Keep Motivated!

For those who are new to the gym, training consistently can be hard. This is totally understandable since resisting change is common when you try to form new habits.

Its a simple thing but by making your training more enjoyable, you are more likely to increase your chances of sticking to your training plan.

Having a workout partner is one of the many tools you can use to make your training more enjoyable. 

Researchers have found that individuals who have a training partner tend to be more consistent in their training. Other research suggests training with a buddy can sometimes even improve performance. Your training partner is believed to cause an increase in motivation and social support and lets be honest if you have ever trained with a friend consistently you know this to be true, its not a chore its a social!

Basically, if you've been struggling with consistently hitting the gym, training with your friends more often may offer a solution. 

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